Vinyl Williams’ “Zero Wonder”

Just a quick post for this Sunday afternoon. I was going to take the day off, but then I remembered hearing Vinyl Williams’ “Zero Wonder” late last night, while I was sorting through some other material.

For those unfamiliar with Vinyl Williams, they’re a Los Angeles chillwave psychedelic indie band from Los Angeles.  A weird bit of trivia is that frontman and founder Lionel Williams is the grandson of film composer John Williams – you know, “Star Wars,” “Raiders,” “Harry Potter,” to name a few.  I guess musical talent runs in the family.

Anyway, the track “Zero Wonder” is a super-relaxed bit of psychedelic transcendental bliss, fronted by ethereal vocals and backed by retro lo-fi production.  It’s a far more meditative headspace for listening than the typical fare.

Take a break and try it out …

“Zero Wonder” from the 2015 album “Into.”