DJ-Kicks: Daniel Avery

British DJ Daniel Avery’s “DJ-Kick’s” darkly techno mix is not going to be for everyone.  It’s fairly relentless and uncompromising.  To some, it might feel too hard, fast, cold, or repetitive, a reaction that often comes with electronic music.  But there’s a lot of subtlety going on here. 

Avery is a master at what he does.  And over the course of a near-80 minutes, he constructs a hypnotic, almost meditative foundation beneath the epic stretches of minimalist sounds and battering beats.  There’s definitely progression, but at an intended, almost indistinguishable pace.  This is a DJ mix that pulls you in and holds you until the end.

I often listen to this mix when I want to get shit done.  It sets a pace and doesn’t distract.  But like I said, it may not work for everyone.  See if it works for you …

Daniel Avery’s “DJ-Kicks” 2016 DJ mix compilation.