The Sisters of Mercy’s “Emma”

Another oldie for a Friday afternoon, straight out of 1987 from alternative Goth rockers The Sisters of Mercy.  “Emma” is not their most popular song from the era, like “Dominion/Mother Russia,” “This Corrosion,” or “Lucretia, My Reflection.”  But it’s the one I always remember. 

Lyrically, it’s a total downer.  But musically, it’s surprisingly melodic and almost inspiring, despite being a bit of a slow trodding guitar-driven dirge.  It’s got angst to spare.  But it also feels hopeful, even if it’s not.  I realize that all sounds contradictory.  But I feel that way about a lot of Goth rock from that era. 

So take that for what it is, and give this one a listen.  If anything, Halloween’s just around the corner, so something darker might just fit the bill.

“Emma” from the 1987 album “Floodland.”