Dodecahedron’s “Blue”

I honestly can’t tell you a thing about Dodecahedron, except that they’re not to be confused with the black metal band of the same name. 

I can tell you that I first heard them on a 2012 indie compilation titled “200,000 Gazes, Vol. Two,” which featured numerous shoegaze and dream pop bands I’d never heard of before.  And this is the track that stood out.

“Blue” is more like listening to a beautifully melancholic feeling or emotion.  It’s built on a deliberately repetitive melody that lulls you into a meditative state of mind.  It’s not a lullaby.  But you could easily fall asleep to it.  And the vocals are more like an instrument, subdued and ethereal.  There’s a dream-like quality to how it all meshes together. 

It’s a bit mellow for the morning … but it’s Friday, so then again, it might be just right …

“Blue” from the 2015 album “Vacuum.”