Three Shades of Shelly

Keep Shelly in Athens is one of those chilled electronic acts that have flown under the radar for years.  I stumbled upon this Grecian duo some five odd years ago by complete accident.  At the time, the duo was comprised of producer RΠЯ and vocalist Sarah P.   Their music was wholly unique … super laid-back echo-ey electronic liquid bliss. It reminded me of a comforting cool fall breeze that still felt warm, like the remnants of a seemingly endless summer.

Anyway, this post is titled Three Shades of Shelly because, since then, the duo has changed vocalists two more times, each providing a different take on RΠЯ’s compositions.  Curiously, each iteration shares many similarities in their effervescent style and dream-like tone.  But of course, each vocalist also brings their own lucid perspective, making their individual contributions their own.

Here’s three tracks from the three shades of Keep Shelly in Athens.  Let’s start with Jessica Bell, who’s the latest artist to lend her voice.  The track is “Seattle” off last year’s “Philokalia” LP.

“Seattle” from the 2017 album “Philokalia.”

Here’s “Fractals,” featuring vocalist Myrtha, who was Keep Shelly in Athens’ previous vocalist …

“Fractals” from the 2015 album “Now I’m Ready.”

And here’s original vocalist Sarah P. and the track “Recollection.”

“”Recollection” from the 2013 album “At Home.”