Meow Mix II

Let’s start this Full Moon Wednesday with a new playlist … actually, it’s an old one that I’ve kept locally on my laptop.  But it’s new to you.  This one’s called “Meow Mix II,” which is obviously a sequel to the first “Meow Mix.”  If I haven’t mentioned it, the silly name is inspired by the cool cats in my life, Midnight, Nikko, and the late Maya. 

This one’s got a cornucopia of great offerings, some artists I’ve already posted about, others that I have yet to share.  Highlights include Cold Showers’ “Whatever You Want,” School of Seven Bells’ “Ablaze,” and Lane 8’s “Midnight,” to name a few.  I’ve got more “Meow Mixes” to share in the future.  But these 5 hours of aural offerings should provide a satisfying variety of listening pleasure.  Enjoy!