Yes’ “It Can Happen”

English rock band Yes are practically legends in the progressive rock genre.  They’ve been around since the late ’60s, released 21 albums, featuring some of the coolest cover art by Roger Dean, and been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

This morning’s focus is on Yes’ reinvention during the early-mid ’80’s, when the lineup was reshuffled, and they released the single “It Can Happen.” 

It’s another oldie that I practically forgot about.  I don’t even remember adding it to one of my playlists.  But it popped on the stereo, and it was like meeting an old familiar friend again – you know, where nothing’s changed but everything’s evolved, and it’s entirely familiar, while feeling utterly new.

So here’s to old friends …

“It Can Happen” from Yes’ 1983 album “90125.”

And of course, a slice of 80s’ music video goodness …