Pond’s “Paint Me Silver”

I’m really liking Pond.  Just saw these Aussie’s live for the first time at Desert Daze last Friday.  Fortunately, they came on before the lightning storm shut things down for the night.  Anyway, the retrodelic “Paint Me Silver” stood out.  I really love its streamlined quirkiness mixed with that funky ’70s synth-vibe.  And it’s catchy as hell.  Check out the single, as well as Pond’s live rendition at Desert Daze.

“Paint Me Silver” from the 2017 album “The Weather.”

As promised, Pond performing “Paint Me Silver” at Desert Daze …

Pond perform “Paint Me Silver” @ Desert Daze on 10.12.18.

And here’s a bonus clip of Pond performing “Sweep Me Off My Feet” at Desert Daze …

Pond perform “Sweep Me Off My Feet” @ Desert Daze on 10.12.18.