Lane 8 & Kidnap Kid’s “Aba (Yotto Remix)”

Kidnap, a.k.a. Matthew Rupert Lancaster Relton, was formerly known as Kidnap Kid. Photo sourced from artist’s Facebook.

A little progressive house for a Tuesday afternoon from collaborators Lane 8 (home grown in the US) and Kidnap Kid (hailing from the U.K.). “Aba” is a deceptively straightforward slice of electronic dance music.  And like all great progressive tracks, it’s immensely listenable and feels fresh with each listen.  There’s a beautiful balance of driving minimalism and aural eclecticism, with hints of world music and peaks of laid-back intensity.

Check it out …

“Aba (Yotto Remix)” from the 2017 EP “Aba (The Remixes).”

Lane 8:

Kidnap Kid:


Yotto, a.k.a. Otto Yliperttula. Photo by Miro Kalliola Photography; sourced from artist’s Facebook.