Smashing Pumpkins’ “To Sheila”

Honestly, I stopped paying attention to the Smashing Pumpkins studio material after 1995’s “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.” But after seeing them on their “Shiny and Oh So Bright” tour last August at the Forum, I realized there’s quite a few gems I missed out on.

One of those is “To Sheila.” I guess what would qualify as a ballad for these guys.  Typically, I’m not a fan of frontman Billy Corgan’s slower compositions.  But this one stood out in their live performance.  I don’t think the studio recording is as effective.  But you be the judge.

Smashing Pumpkins perform “To Sheila” live at the Forum 08.28.18.

“To Sheila” from the 1998 album “Adore.”