Beach House’s “Dive”

Heard this one while chillin’ on the beach earlier today.  The wonders of Bluetooth, portable speakers, and a carafe of wine.  

Anyway, “Dive” comes from Baltimore-based Beach House’s latest album “7.” It’s as beautifully textured and dreamy as any Beach House track that’s come before.  But this one kinda creeps up on you, super-chilled with organ sounds and twangy guitars, until it builds momentum into a driving dream-pop anthem.

Check it out …

“Dive” from the 2018 album “7.”

And here’s some dark out-of-focus concert footage of the latter half of “Dive,” from their performance at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery back on August 3, 2018.  The audio is still good, and the blurriness tends to work with this band.

Beach House perform “Dive” at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on 08.03.18.