Beach House’s “Sparks”

There’s so much great Beach House material to choose from. But this one popped up randomly during today’s listening excursion. And it’s one my favs from 2015’s “Depression Cherry” album.  I love the piercing guitar distortion that slices through the song’s intro.  And then it segues into slightly off-key organ progressions that slip and slide beneath Victoria Legrand’s dreamy vocals. I’m sure I’ll post many recommendations of Beach House, as well as a few concert vids. But for now, listen to this one to hold you over …

“Sparks” from the 2015 album “Depression Cherry.”

And now that I think about it, if you don’t mind the dark and blurry, here’s an old piece of Beach House footage to get things rolling. The audio ain’t too bad, though.

On stage, Beach House typically leans into the dimly lit, so my iPhone of 2015 wasn’t quite up to the task. Nonetheless, it’s the best I got for this particular track. When they tour again, I’ll try and do better.

Beach House perform “Sparks” at the Fonda Theatre on 12.09.15.

Beach House perform at the Theatre at the Ace on 08.26.16.