Andy Cato’s “Time and Places”

Going to start off the day with Andy Cato’s classic chill-out album “Time & Places: Sketches from the Road” from 2013.  Cato is one half of the renown electronic duo Groove Armada.

He’s also a full-time organic farmer, since 2008, in Gascony, France. Thankfully, he still finds time to make music, as this solo debut shows.

And everything on this album is great.  I particularly like “Abbey Road Jam,” “Rain Falls,” and “Who’s Groove?”  But really, this album is meant to be heard as a complete entity.  It’s a journey of relaxed and meditative grooves that calm the mind and soothe the soul.  A perfect way to start the day …

Andy Cato’s 2013 album “Times & Places (Sketches from the Road).”