Meow Mix

Here’s another work playlist I’ve converted to Spotify from my local system (i.e. home computer hard drive).  It’s titled “Meow Mix,” and has nothing to do with cats.  But it’s the first in a series I began a few years ago, (which I’ll post when I find the time to Spotify them).  There’s a few tracks missing from the original list, which said-platform doesn’t have in their catelogue.  But all in all, you’ll get the gist.  I really love Deadmau5’s “Pets,” Róisín Murphy’s “Unputdownable (Tom Demac Remix),” and Duke Dumont’s “I Got U.”  But there’s plenty more to dig into, if those don’t suit you.  This one will get you a cool 4 hours and 57 minutes of material that spans a few genres.  Enjoy!