I’m going to start the week off with a slightly eccentric entry, which a friend recommended a few weeks back. The band is Heilung, and it means “healing” in German. 

To loosely summarize, Heilung is an experimental folk band with members hailing from Denmark, Norway, and Germany.  I say loosely, because folk doesn’t even begin to cover it.  Beneath the label, there’s a whole hot mess of genres kicking around … tribal trance, industrial, traditional Viking hymns, medieval folklore, metal, throat singing … to name a few.

Below is their live performance, recorded in 2017.  It’s by far the best way to experience them for the first time.  The show is around an hour and fifteen minutes, so give yourself some time if you want the full experience … which I highly recommend, due to its theatricality.  To my knowledge, they haven’t been to the U.S. yet.  But here’s hoping they catch on.